Canine Special Nutritional Needs

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Welcome to the Original Diabetic Dog Bakery!

Even though our name implies that we only supply treats for diabetic dogs, we are far more than that these days. We have now expanded our specialty treats for dogs suffering with CRF, kidney and liver disease. These diseases are unique in the way that everything they eat, can affect different parts of their bodies and in many different ways.

As you visit our website, you will notice that our dog treats are pretty simple and limited ingredients. Yes, we could add shiny yogurt frosting with colorful decorations, but who are the treats really for? Our furry clients do not care if the treats have a decorative bone on top but they do care if the treats make them sick. This is why we created the Diabetic Dog Bakery in 2008.

We do not use anything that is processed, contains chemicals, preservatives or any by-products, artificial colorings or flavorings. Every ingredient we use is edible by not only your dog, but yourself as well! That is because we only use human-grade organic products and with a low-glycemic load.

Our ingredient suppliers are Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon (various non-GMO and organic flours), SoyAmerica in Iowa (non-GMO and Organic soy), local Prairie honey farmers, and several local chicken farmers (for free-ranged chicken eggs).

Reward Club: We reward you for their healthy choices, by automatically enrolling you in our Reward Points Program. The program will give you 1 point for every treat package ordered. After collecting 10 points, you can redeem them for a free treat of your choice.

We encourage you to sniff out Our Blog and subscribe to keep updated on current canine disease topics, recalls, research discoveries or newly released specialized dog treats.

FREE SHIPPING on orders sub-totaling $50.00 or more!



Disclaimer: The information on this site has been researched extensively and should not be used as a substitute for advice from your integrated or holistic veterinarian. Questions concerning health of your dog, should always be directed to your veterinarian

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